Code of Conduct

Thank you for choosing Hillside Village as your destination for shopping, dining, and entertainment. Hillside Village and the associated parking lots and roads are private property. In order to maximize the enjoyment, convenience, and safety of our guests we ask everyone to conduct themselves in a respectful way in accordance with this Code of Conduct along with all laws and local ordinances.

  1. Smoking or vaping is not permitted within 15 feet of any door or entrance.
  2. No Soliciting. The distribution of hand bills or materials without the prior written permission from Management is prohibited.
  3. Hillside Village is pedestrian friendly. No skateboarding, roller blading, roller skating, bicycles, motorcycles, or vehicles are allowed on sidewalks or common areas.
  4. No loitering.
  5. Unruly or disruptive behavior is not permitted.
  6. Proper clothing is required at all times. Apparel that is offensive, obscene, or intimidating is prohibited.
  7. No photography is allowed except for recreational purposes only. Engaging in non-commercial expressive activity without prior written approval by Management is prohibited.
  8. Firearms or weapons are prohibited.
  9. Possession of open alcoholic beverages (except in designated areas) is prohibited

Failure to comply with this Code of Conduct or lawful or reasonable requests by Hillside Village management or security personnel may result in your loss of the privilege to use the property, including being asked to leave, and/or criminal prosecution, where applicable. Hillside Village expressly retains the right to revise or modify this Code of Conduct as necessary.